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IceCraft, Oct 15, 11 8:11 PM.
Done Up Quick is now live!!!

Created by and for excellent WoW gamers with clear progression and overall success in mind.  Done Up Quick was created to provide a place for gamers who are looking for more from their guild, raid progression, rated battlegrounds and overall pvp without the personal drama.  Quality always trumps quantity and the value of each member is weighed by what they contribute to the overall success of the guild.  Those who produce will always be given a platform to be heard and detail their exploits, while consulting and teaching others to be successful as well.  Having even handed raid groups that show clear signs of progression along with battle groups that have competitive ratings within the ladder rankings.

Like all good guilds within the game, we offer a full schedule of events, Ventrilo, Guild vault with repairs for all of our members and all the tools needed to communicate our goals through in-game and website mediums.  Becoming part of our guild is becoming part of a group of people who share your gaming goals.  Regardless of your preferred gaming style, we leave the pace up to you whether you enjoy world pvp, end content raiding or high ranked pvp through battlegrounds or arena.

If you are interested in learning more or would like to be a part of our exclusive team, apply here and let us know what you are looking for.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

IceCraft, Oct 12, 11 6:48 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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